I’ve been very lucky to stay at a number of Four Seasons around the world, and every one of them offered an incredibly relaxing stay. The beds, first and foremost, are extremely comfortable with the plushest pillows. And I’m so excited that for the first time ever, they are available for you to purchase online and have in your own home! They say you spend one-third of your life in bed, so might as well invest in a really, really great bed.


Luxury home items also make amazing gifts, whether it be for a housewarming or host gift, for newlyweds who are creating a new home together, or just to celebrate new beginnings so you can take a browse here.

Signature Four Seasons Mattress is available in five sizes with choice of three foundation sizes, plus optional mattress toppers and bed frames. Bedding options are inclusive of 100% Supima cotton sateen weave linens, duvets, and pillows in assorted size options, as well as the ability to purchase them in a set or individually. We have the Signature Mattress (Queen, 5.5” foundation size), Sheet Set, Duvet Cover Set, Euro Sham Set, All Seasons Duvet, Down & Feather Pillows (Queen), and Down & Feather Euro Pillows.


Aside from actually sleeping in a comfortable bed, here are some other ways to relax and rejuvenate!

Light a cleansing herb, palo santo, or candle

I picked up a few cleansing herbs at a local shop with a few friends recently and love the smoky scent and ritual of cleansing one’s home after a long week. Palo Santo also reminds me of savasana time after a satisfying yoga session. Lighting a scented candle also essential when I need a sense of calm. Some of my favorites are Dada and Salta from Cire Trudon, Woods and Carousel from Byredo, Gardener and Cedar Stack from Boy Smells, Feu de Bois from Diptyque, Palo Santo 14 and Santal 26 from Le Labo, and Neroli and Stem from Malin & Goetz.


Sit down with a good book

I have a habit of buying books whenever I read a great review or a friend recommends one, so I have accumulated a huge stack that are perpetually in queue. There’s nothing like spending an afternoon getting immersed in a good storyline. I save my reading list on Goodreads!

Ask Again, Yes! by Mary Beth Keane

Ask Again, Yes! by Mary Beth Keane

indulge in some snacks

Snacking is such a guilty pleasure of mine! (as is my husband’s.) It helps me concentrate sometimes, and especially love crunching on popcorn (these are Korean “popcorn snacks”)!

Wearing  Asceno Oversized Shirt ,  Asceno Cropped Trousers

Wearing Asceno Oversized Shirt, Asceno Cropped Trousers


Relax with a cup of tea

I drink at least 3 cups of tea every day. I prefer green, but if I don’t want to be as caffeinated, herbal tea or a softer green like a genmaicha that gives a subtle roasted flavor is really nice. I usually pick up tea from Japanese supermarkets like Sunrise Mart or stock up on Osulloc when I go to Korea (although you can get it on Amazon now!), but outside of that I really love Aveda Comforting Tea. Like the name, it is super comforting.


Play music, or an instrument

Playing music (ie. iTunes Radio) in the apartment, especially on the weekends, gives me such a happy feeling. However I decided to go the traditional route and take out my flute out for old time’s sake! I pursued music growing up, so I have a very personal and deep connection to it.



browse the explore page

Aside from scrolling through my feed on Instagram, I like to browse through the explore page to discover new content and find more inspiration.



catch up on zzz with an afternoon nap

Similar to when you need a vacation from a vacation, sometimes you need to relax after relaxing. I’m not really a nap person, but sometimes you just have to let your body rest by falling asleep when you feel drowsy.


Find balance, literally and figuratively

I find it difficult to meditate as my mind is constantly full and wandering, however I think it is important to try and give yourself a few moments to clear your headspace. I recently got an Apple Watch so the Breathe app routinely reminds me to take a minute to breathe throughout the day. Yoga has also helped me immensely – I’ve learned the Ujjayi breath, which is a technique that helps calm the mind and warm the body. You completely fill your lungs with air and then breathe through your nose. This awareness of breath does wonders.



We all need to take time to rest so we can be in optimal health for our mental, physical, and spiritual selves. Cheers to slowing down and celebrating our well-being!

In collaboration with Four Seasons Home; thoughts and opinions are my own.