Revolutionary new concept in slippers designed to give you softness

Relax, stay stylish

FlopsiĀ® slippers are designed to provide you with total freedom in motion and cushioning all day long. Comfortable walking around the house or office, can be worn 12 hours straight without hurting your foot.

Made to last a lifetime

Flopsi was established on the principle that people are free to choose to be comfortable. Meet the new generation of rubber slippers. Innovative, high-quality products designed to enhance the way we live our lives – that’s our mission at Flopsi.

Makes your feet happy šŸ™‚

Unlike traditional hard-soled slippers, FlopsiĀ® let your toes spread out and relax. Patent-pending EVA material is naturally anti-microbial and resist odors. Whether you deal with foot pain, joint pain, or just want something that’s comfortable and reliable for your feet, then FlopsiĀ® are for you.

“These are the softest, most comfortable slippers you will ever wear. New must have thing”